Professional Cloud Bodyshop System
Why Auto Soft?
A system so good we don't need to lock you
nto long contracts. Competitors? Ask them.
Anytime. Any device. Anywhere
Include: Cloud Server, Maintenance,
Support and Training
BS10125 Active Web, Caps, Fix Auto &
Manufacturer Compliant.
Excellent Customer Service.
98% resolution in 5 minutes.
100% Paperless.

Business critical data in one place.

Work in progress, Open jobs by value,

Jobs due out today, tomorrow etc.

Planner, built-in.

Plan jobs for technicians in advance.

View real-time progress.

Smart video capture.

Capture videos and email to customers

from your phone.

Sign and send.

Capture signatures from any

device on our collection notes,

vehicle check-ins,courtesy cars,

quality check sheets etc.

Clock-in. Clock-out.

The technicians board displays all their jobs

with job card and actual hours.


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